Services Include

  • Flight reservations are available for your pet on Tuesdays through Fridays weekly, depending on route schedule, departing the St. Louis-Lambert airport.

  • Prompt and accurate flight confirmation.

  • Contract rates with major airlines.

  • Climate controlled, state-of-the-art transportation equipment.

  • Flights available arriving all major destinations within the 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska.

  • All airline required paperwork and labeling completed for you.

  • A new airline approved pet carrier.

  • 44 Convenient pet pick-up locations throughout southern Missouri.

  • A direct contact number for your pet's driver will be provided upon pickup (for use on travel days only).

  • Experienced pet care; to ensure a clean and healthy pet upon arrival.

  • No cancellation fees.

  • Pet deliveries available by ground with pick-up in St. Louis, MO.

Please contact us for routings and rates.




We Transport

  • Dogs - Puppies

  • Cats - Kittens

Please consider the following tips when shipping your pet:

Please schedule a minimum of 48 hours in advance to confirm flight space availability.

Familiarize your pet with a travel kennel prior to shipping; acclimating your pet to a kennel prior to travel eliminates any stress and adds a sense of security throughout your pet's journey.

Please provide a standard collar (with an ID tag) and leash when transporting an adult dog.

Please do not administer any medications to sedate your pet prior to travel. This is strongly discouraged by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) as well as many licensed veterinarians.

Please provide a disposable identification collar for your pet, listing the first and last name of the receiving party.

Avoid unexpected flight delays: Track the incoming flight status on the airline website your pet is traveling with prior to driving to the airport or track the AWB (Air waybill) number provided with your pet's confirmation by visiting one of the links below.

Note: Enter only the (8) digits preceded by the three digit airline prefix.

E.g. xxx-(8 digit confirmation)