Nationwide Booking

Please make sure your veterinary puts the required temperature acclimation on each pet's health certificate. The airlines require an Acclimation Statement declaring your pet is safe to travel from 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. An inaccurate Acclimation Statement could keep your pet from flying.

Nationwide Pet Booking Service

Our booking service allows you to tender at your local airport while saving time and stress for both you and your pet.

This Service Includes:

  • Contract rates with major airlines.

  • Over ten years of experience in pet booking.

  • Prompt and accurate flight confirmation.

  • Pet reservations are processed and confirmed Monday-Saturday weekly.

  • Nationwide Line: (417) 293-1893

  • 24 Hour Emergency Line - Please leave a message. We will call you back!



Nationwide Booking Request Form

The form below is intended for shipper's that wish to tender at their local departing airport only.

Shipper *
Please list the first and last name of the person who will tender at the originating airport.
Shipper's Phone Number *
Shipper's Phone Number
Please list the shipper's complete address (as it appears on your photo ID) and contact number.
The local departing airport where your pet will be tendered.
Desired Flight Date *
Desired Flight Date
The minimum age accepted for travel is (8) weeks.
The approximate weight of the pet and kennel combined rounding up to the nearest pound.
Travel Carrier Size *
Please select the carrier size you will supply for your pet. While kennel dimensions vary by brand, the examples listed below should be comparable to the size you've selected to ship in.
Consignee *
Please list the first and last name of the receiving party.
Please list the complete address as it appears on the consignee's photo ID.
Consignee's Contact Number *
Consignee's Contact Number
24-hour contact for the receiving party.

Contact for Nationwide Service Only

Please direct all of your email inquiries regarding our nationwide booking service to the email listed below, where one of our staff members in this department will be happy to assist you.

Please send nationwide inquiries to:

Nationwide Line: (417) 293-1893







Booking Rates

All booking rates listed below reflect booking services and airfare for destinations within the 48 contiguous states only. The shipper is responsible for supplying an airline approved pet carrier and transporting the pet to the airport.

New rates effective October 1st

      (DL) Delta Airlines

      Carrier  -  Rate  - Size

  • 100 Series: $170.00 -Small

  • 200 Series: $180.00 -Medium

  • 300 Series: $275.00 -Intermediate

  • 400 Series: $465.00 -Large

  • 500 Series: $575.00 -XLarge

      (AA) American Airlines

     Carrier  -  Rate  - Size

  • 100 Series: $170.00 -Small

  • 200 Series: $180.00 -Medium

  • 300 Series: $230.00 -Intermediate

  • 400 Series: $280.00 -Large

  • 500 Series: $330.00 -XLarge

         (UA) United Airlines PetSafe

Please refer to the following rates for reservations via United Airlines only.

  • 100 Series: $250.00 -Small

  • 200 Series: $280.00 -Medium

  • 300 Series: $310.00 -Intermediate

  • 400 Series: $410.00 -Large

  • 500 Series: $485.00 -XLarge